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As in the supermarket, users of dating portals can choose their dream partner based on their characteristics. Sociologists observe that many develop a real shopping mentality adult hookup com

The latest development on the market are dating apps for smartphones. These programs allow users to search for contacts in their immediate vicinity at any time and any place via GPS signal. The single service Tinder, for example, uses the name, age and a few photos from the Facebook profile of someone who wants to get to know each other and searches for people interested in a rendezvous within a radius of between two and 160 kilometers. If the program finds someone who seems to fit, it plays each other’s picture on the phone for both users. If you like the photo, you can move it to the right of the screen with one finger to indicate approval. A swipe to the left, on the other hand, means: rejected.

Only if both users express their favor does a match arise – and a digital window opens that enables them to contact each other. This playful approach has made mobile dating apps hugely popular within a few years. Tinder alone is used by almost ten million people worldwide every day. All digital dating sites have two things in common: They usually offer singles more potential partners than they would likely meet in their entire life. And: You turn the familiar process of getting to know each other on its head.

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